‘Overwatch’ community criticizes new meta after recent update

For the last couple of years, Blizzard has had trouble changing the meta for Overwatch, and it’s always been about survivability and diving objectives. With the recent update for the game, the meta has been changed, but fans are unhappy about it.

Blizzard recently launched an update for Overwatch, and fans have been vocal about the changes. While there are those that like the new changes, those who’s heroes have been affected are far from ecstatic, and they are asking for Blizzard to revert the changes.

A community split

The update released last August 13 was created to change the meta of the game. The pros who have been gaining tanks have been gravely affected. San Francisco Shock’s Matthew ‘Super’ DeLisi is one of the pros who have been vocal about his dislike of the changes.

As per the pro, the changes are heavily in favor of support heroes. On the other hand, the tanks have become less feasible, even more so in role queues. Some claim that the game is currently in its worst state since the last two years.

Over on Twitter, Twitch streamer and main tank specialist Flats claimed the game was in the “worst state” it has been in two years: “Main Tank actually unplayable.”

What are the changes?

The recent Overwatch update primarily focused on lowering the shields of main tanks like Orisa and Sigma. On the other hand, support heroes such as Zenyatta got a buff that made them more capable of doing damage. To make matters worse, Brigitte also got nerfed, which made her less viable in dive compositions.

As the shields have been significantly weakened, favorite shield destroyers like Reaper and Symmetra are having a field day. Tanks are becoming easy picks during team fights. As support heroes have become more viable damage dealers, some opt to join in on the team fight instead of focusing on healing.

On the other hand, people are happy that, for once, the meta has been changed. It’s not about diving anymore, so games are much more dynamic. It seems like the tanks are the ones who are having more trouble.

Blizzard has probably heard about the complaints being made to the recent Overwatch update. It’s likely that they’ll be making adjustments once again so that the main tanks aren’t going to get the short end of the stick in matches.

Image used courtesy of Overwatch

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