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‘Overwatch’ crossplay coming soon, cross-progression will get support in the future


Overwatch crossplay is coming soon, with cross-progression support coming in the future, even if it won’t be available any time soon.

Blizzard will be adding Overwatch crossplay “soon”, with game director Aaron Keller announcing the addition in a video. He explains the upcoming feature in the video, noting that fans will get to play with their friends on all platforms.

Crossplay one of the most requested features

Crossplay is one of the most common requests in many multiplayer titles. Not only does it allow fans to play with friends from other platforms, it also makes the player pool larger. Many games have tried to feature crossplay but each platform has its challenges.

Sony is among the many companies that are allergic to crossplay. In many instances, Xbox allows crossplay with PC and other platforms. Sony Playstation, on the other hand, banks on their own ecosystem.

It seems Blizzard is trying to push for the impossible, as crossplay across all platforms should be available soon.

“You will be able to play with your friends across all of our platforms: PC, Xbox, PlayStation and Nintendo Switch,” said Keller in a video released Wednesday. “And to celebrate the launch of cross-play, we’re giving everyone a Golden loot box when the feature becomes available.”

Crossplay will be console to console, PC to PC by default

Overwatch crossplay will be a welcomed feature that will help diversify the player base. It’s one of the most requested features too, together with cross-progression. With that said, Keller notes that cross-progression is a work in progress.

“Cross-progression will not be available at launch. We understand that this feature is important for some of you and it’s something that the Overwatch team is excited to work on in the future,” noted the game director.

For players to enable crossplay, console users would need to link their game to They would need to create an account too if they don’t have it already.

“By default, a party of console players will play with other console players,” added Keller. “A party of PC players will play with PC players, as well as groups that consist of both PC and console players.

“Please note, this does not include Competitive Play. For Competitive Play specifically, you will not be able to play as a party consisting of both PC and console players together. They will each have their own separate matchmaking pools.”

For those looking to learn more about the crossplay feature, Blizzard has the FAQ and rules on their website. Overwatch Competitive will also have separate rules, allowing only console to console and PC to PC play.

Overwatch crossplay should enhance experiences soon.

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