‘Overwatch’ fan amazingly recreates stunning Dorado map on ‘Minecraft’

'Minecraft' player amazingly recreates vibrant Overwatch Dorado map

The oldest and most colorful map in Overwatch has come to the world of Minecraft and it’s as spectacular as ever.

People wondering what Dorado looks like during the day may finally be able to experience it for themselves not on the popular first-person shooter but on a completely different game. This time, however, players don’t need to undertake an escort mission like what they do in the Overwatch map. Instead, they can just enjoy the scenery.

An unexpected crossover

Minecraft is truly a melting pot of popular and gaming culture. With over 126 million monthly users worldwide, the game has no shortage of surprises.

One great surprise is how user stefayylmao created an ode to Overwatch by building the colorful Mexican township of Dorado from scratch. The Dorado map is known to players as a place of eternal night time. But stefayylmao, made her own version of the township under the sun.

Her day-time Dorado has further brought out the hues and colors of the township inspired by the real-life Italian village of Manarola. Interestingly, the developers of the game just happened to stumble upon the picture of the village by accident.

It was only after they used the picture as an inspiration for the Mexican-inspired map that they discovered it was actually an Italian town.

The Minecraft Dorado is still unfinished and does not exactly follow the original map’s structure to the bone. However, it still gives off the same colorful energy that Overwatch fans have grown to love.

Serving as a platform of creativity and expression, many dedicated players have brought to Minecraft pieces of their favorite games. In fact, Overwatch is just one of many gaming titles that had made a serendipitous crossover to the acclaimed sandbox game.

Overwatch 2 to take center stage at Blizzcon 2021

It has been four years since Blizzard released the popular first-person shooter and a follow-up is yet to be seen.

During the BlizzCon 2019, had finally revealed their plans for Overwatch 2 along with a trailer. Fans of the game were naturally ecstatic to hear the news. However, during the reveal, game director Jeff Kaplan admitted they still don’t know when it will come out. At the time, the follow-up is still in its early stages of development.

A year and a pandemic later, there is still no word on Overwatch 2. PlayStation Brazil made waves after announcing that the follow-up would be released this year. They then deleted their tweet afterward without any acknowledgment from Blizzard.

With the global outbreak of the novel coronavirus, it is unlikely that Overwatch 2 would be released in 2020. Fans could only keep their hopes up for a 2021 release.

BlizzCon has announced that they will be going online for next year’s convention. Thankfully, it is believed that Overwatch 2 along with Diablo would take center stage. This means that after a year of hearing nothing, fans would only have to wait until next year to find out more about the follow-up.

Featured image courtesy of Overwatch/Facebook


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