‘Overwatch’ fans signing a petition to stop 5v5 gameplay

Last week was huge for Overwatch fans as developers revealed a 5v5 PvP mode for its sequel. But this change hasn’t received a good reaction.

Just days after the first gameplay footage was shown from Overwatch 2, fans have begun signing a petition. Its objective is to stop the introduction of the 5v5 PvP system in the Blizzard sequel.

‘Overwatch’ fans don’t want 5v5 PvP in the sequel.

Before the exclusive on May 20th, fans hoped for many extensive features and improvements in the upcoming second entry.

They were ready to witness new maps, characters, and an even better playing style than the first Overwatch.

However, the developers shared the news of reducing the number of players in PvP to five from six, most of the fans were disappointed.

The live stream showcased the early footage of the newly introduced system, comprising of only five teammates. Plus, all the teams will have just one tank.

All this didn’t turn out as expected for most of the die-hard lovers of the franchise.

The community reacted in a mixed way to this upcoming change. And the majority of the people have spoken against the new PvP mode.

As a result of a strong reaction, some fans recently started a petition on Change.org.

The petition demands that Blizzard reconsider its decision to reduce the number of players from six to five in the PvP mode in Overwatch 2.

According to Peter Levy, the petition’s creator, “these changes risk causing significant discord within the Overwatch community.”

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What’s the status so far?

Blizzard has a big responsibility when it comes to delivering a fantastic successor to the original Overwatch.

However, its chances of doing that suffered a significant blow after most influential people made exits from the team.

Firstly, it was Jeff Kaplan, the director of the first installment, who left the publisher.

And last week, the lead character artist of the game, Renaud Galand, also made his departure.

Both these exits are massive, especially for the Overwatch 2 title.

After Kaplan left, Aaron Keller is now the new director.

Before last week’s live stream, he had promised to continue the vision of his predecessor, Kaplan, when it comes to the overall gameplay of the sequel.

But the reactions coming in at the moment seem anything but enthusiastic, which is not a great sign for Blizzard and the whole team working on the game.

It will be interesting to see if the makers change their decision regarding the PvP mode if the petition gets extensive support online.

What are your thoughts on this entire situation?

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Image courtesy of TGN/YouTube

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