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‘Overwatch’ Halloween Terror: How to beat Dr. Junkenstein’s Revenge


The Overwatch Halloween Terror event is now live, and players are in for a treat in this Spooktacular three-week season. Aside from amazing skins, the events also bring back the fun PvE brawl called Dr. Junkenstein’s Revenge.

Dr. Junkenstein’s Revenge is a fun PvE brawl in Overwatch Halloween Terror. In it, players have to survive waves of Omnics, as well as a few familiar faces, while trying to protect the walls of Eichenwalde. It may sound easy at first, but the mode does have a few challenges. Here’s how players can beat it easily.

Focus on the Witch

At some point in the game, the Witch – aka Mercy, will arrive. She’s one of the most dangerous bosses in the PvE mode as she can revive other characters and even heal them. When she arrives at the match, it’s important to take her out first.

As she is a support hero, players should expect another hero to accompany her. She will zip around the map and will be hard to kill. The two DPS of the team should focus their attention on her immediately.

Stay close to the wall

The wall has a ton of health. However, Dr. Junkenstein’s Riptire and the self-destructing Omnics can deal a ton of damage to it. Sticking closer to the wall will help players take out any enemies that get too near. This is one of the bigger challenges in the Overwatch Halloween Terror event.

If there’s a Riptire coming, players should look for it immediately as this is hard to kill. Moreover, it deals a ton of damage to the team and the player.

Stick together

The mode is about cooperation. Having one member of the team fall will be a big disadvantage that’s hard to recover from.

Sticking together is a must as bosses like Roadhog and Reaper can deal a ton of damage. If these bosses zone in on the team’s support, then it will be harder to get by the next waves of Omnics. Close range DPS heroes should only be the ones to move in and out of the wall.

Dr. Junkenstein’s Revenge can get really tough to beat, especially during the game mode’s higher levels. This event will only be available during the Overwatch Halloween Terror event, so players should try to beat it as much as possible for special rewards. Hopefully, these tips serve as a great guide.

Image used courtesy of PlayOverwatch/Twitter

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