‘Overwatch’ Halloween Terror: How to prepare for the upcoming event

Blizzard is readying the release of the Overwatch Halloween Terror event soon, and players should be ready to get those new skins. How should players prepare for the spooky event up ahead?

The Overwatch Halloween Terror event is set for Oct. 13, and it will run up until Nov. 3. Players still have a day left to prepare for the event, and here’s what they should do beforehand.

Get a few arcade wins

After the weekly reset on Monday, players should prepare at least two wins in the arcade. They can play any of the modes in the arcade. Heading into Halloween Terror with two wins in the arcade will easily bag players a loot box if they win another game. Since there’s a good chance that Dr. Junkentsteinn’s Revenge is getting a new twist, players can get two loot boxes easily.

Accumulate XP

Before their last match on Monday, players should make sure that their XP is close enough to leveling. This will allow players to level up and instantly get a loot box upon winning their first match once the Overwatch Halloween Terror event begins.

What else?

The Halloween Terror event is best played with friends. If players can rack up more wins easily, they’ll be able to get more loot boxes throughout the event. Moreover, Dr. Junkensteinn’s Revenge can be played by up-to-four people, and it’s best played with a coordinated team.

The upcoming event will have a few amazing skins already. A lot of players are eyeing the new skins for D.Va, Winston, and Sigma. As usual, all of them are based on spooky stuff. D.Va is a Gumiho or a fox spirit from Korean folklore, while Sigma is an undead pirate captain, and Winston will be a werewolf.

Working in a team will also work well if players are eyeing to get the new challenge skins for Echo, Sombra, and Brigette. Players will only be able to get these skins if they can accumulate nine wins during the week the skins are unlocked. There may be a few more skins that will be available during the upcoming event.

The Overwatch Halloween Terror is the second to the last event for the game this year. After this, the next one is coming at Christmas. That event will bring back the Yeti Hunt and Snowball fight brawls. For now, players should prepare themselves for the spooky event ahead.

Image used courtesy of Overwatch/Twitter

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