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‘Overwatch’ Halloween Terror now live – everything new


After the long wait, players now have the chance to try out the Overwatch Halloween Terror event. This next iteration of the Halloween event for the shooter once again brings in a ton of new content for the game, so players should log in fast.

The Overwatch Halloween Terror event runs from Oct. 13 to Nov. 3. The event drops a ton of new cosmetics to collect, as well as a brawl to keep players busy. It’s good to jump into the game as early as now and begin collecting the available skins. Here’s everything new coming with the event.

Seasonal brawl

If Summer Games brought Lucioball, Halloween Terror brings Revenge of Dr. Junkenstein. This is a PvE mode for Overwatch. In it, players will have to defend the walls of Eichenwalde from hordes of zombie omnics, all with varying mechanics.

There are two modes, the first of which lets players pick from the entire Overwatch hero pool. The other gives them access to limited heroes only, such as McCree, Hanzo, and Torbjorn. Aside from the omnics, players will also have to face against bosses such as Symmetra, Reaper, Roadhog, Mercy, and of course, Junkrat.

Those who’ve yet to beat the mode should do so as soon as possible. It will give them instant access to a Halloween Terror Lootbox upon doing so.

New skins

As usual, the stars of Overwatch Halloween Terror are the new skins. For this season, the new Legendary skins are for D.Va, Sigma, and Winston. Fans already have their eyes on these amazing new skins.

With the addition of Sigma’s new skin, fans have commented that it’s now possible to create a party filled with pirates. Other characters that have pirate-themed skins are Torbjorn, Junkrat for DPS, Ana and Baptiste for Support, and the other hero for the tank role is Roadhog.

On top of all this, players will also have access to a few weekly challenge skins. There will be one for Brigitte, Echo, and Sombra. Players simply need to accumulate nine wins weekly to get these skins. Aside from skins, there are icons and sprays available as well.

The Overwatch Halloween Terror event will be here momentarily. Players should take the time to ensure that they jump into the event for a free loot box. After this event, the next one is coming in December, and that one will be for Christmas.

Image used courtesy of Overwatch/Twitter

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