‘Overwatch’ Halloween Terror skins revealed – event dates announced

Blizzard has just revealed the next event for its popular shooter. As expected, it’s the Spooktacular Overwatch Halloween Terror, and we’ve just seen some of the amazing collectibles players can collect in the event.

Same as with the previous years, the Overwatch Halloween Terror event takes place in the middle of October and lasts until the first week of November. The event will see the return of Junkensteinn’s Revenge as the seasonal mode. Learning from what we’ve seen from the previous Summer Games, there may be variations with this year’s brawl.

Here’s everything we know about the event so far.

Event start and end date

As per the recent teaser for the event, players can participate on Oct. 13. The event will last until Nov. 3. Upon logging in for the first time, players will be receiving a special loot box that will contain items from the current and previous Halloween Terror events.

New skins

As with previous seasonal events in the game, Overwatch Halloween Terror 2020 introduces a set of new skins. Players can also get the previous skins from past Halloween Terrors if they missed out on it. New event skins are worth 3,000 Gold each while old ones are worth 1,000.

The teaser showed off the new Legendary skins for the event. First up, we see D.Va getting what seems to be a fox spirit skin. Seeing that she’s from Korean descent, it’s likely that the skin is based on the folklore called the “gumiho.” We aren’t able to get a full shot of her mech, but Hana Song herself is dressed as the fox spirit.

Sigma is also getting a new skin for the event. From the looks of it, he’ll be a phantom pirate captain. This is plausible as there are other pirate-themed skins during the previous Halloween Terror events.

The last of the new skins is Winston. Fans are already commenting that this could be his best skin yet. From what we see, Winston will be dressed as a werewolf for this Halloween event.

The event will also have three new challenge skins. There will be one for Echo, Brigitte, and Sobra. Players will have to win nine wins for each of the skins to get them.

The Overwatch Halloween Terror event launches a few days from now. Players should rack up their gold so they can buy some of the upcoming skins at the event.

Image used courtesy of PlayOverwatch/Twitter

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