‘Overwatch’ heroes that deserve a skin for Halloween Terror

Blizzard is currently readying the Overwatch Halloween Terror event for this year. Fans are already excited to see what’s coming to the game, but most importantly, they want to see the skins.

The Overwatch Halloween Terror event is set to go live anytime soon. In the past years, the spooky event was usually held during the middle of October. We’re only a few days away from Oct. 15. If Blizzard is going to move forward with the event, we’ll most likely see some skin teasers within the coming weeks.

Who do players want to see anyway?


As one of the latest heroes added to the game, Echo doesn’t have a lot of skins yet. She’s been around during the Anniversary event as well as the Summer Games. However, she’s been given a Summer Games skin only. For Halloween, fans believe that Echo is the perfect fit to receive.

The possibilities are endless for a Halloween skin for Echo. However, fans are going for a vampire bat look for the DPS hero. As one of the popular characters in the game, she truly deserves more event skins.


Reinhardt’s only Halloween skin is of epic quality, and it’s the Coldhardt skin. The local big guy of Overwatch is the perfect fit for many Halloween themed skins. Fans suggest turning him into a Jack o’ Lantern, a suit of medieval armor, and even Frankenstein’s monster.

It’s been a while since Reinhardt got a new skin through the events in the game, so it might be time for him to get one now. Those who want a Reinhardt skin now should get his All-Stars skin available for 200 OWL Tokens.


Surprisingly, D.Va doesn’t have a Halloween skin yet. She has a skin for Summer Games, the Anniversary Event, and Lunar New Year. She’s only missing an Archives and Halloween Terror Skin to complete her collection.

As a fan favorite, many players of the game hope Blizzard gets creative with D.Va’s Halloween skin if there is one. However, it’s kind of hard to think of a Halloween skin for her because of her mech setup.

We’ve yet to see which Overwatch heroes are going to get some spooky skins this Halloween Terror event. Fans are hoping that heroes who have been ignored lately are going to be the stars this time around. We could be seeing more teases about the next event soon.

Image used courtesy of PlayOverwatch/YouTube

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