Overwatch: How to use Moira’s Fade buff in the Experimental Card

Blizzard recently launched a new Experimental Card for Overwatch last week, and there aren’t a lot of major additions except for one. If the community likes the Experimental Card, Moira’s going to be more common in matches than she is now.

The Experimental Card in Overwatch makes a few changes for Genji and Echo. The obvious star of the update is Moira. As one of the most tweaked heroes in the game, it should no longer be surprising that Blizzard has some major changes in store for her.

What the patch notes say

There are quite a few changes being tested for Moira as per the patch notes. The most significant change is for her Fade ability. As per the patch notes, it can turn allies invincible to any form of damage for a second. The catch is that Moira must end her fade six meters away from her allies.

What this means is that Moira got a skill similar to Baptiste’s immortality field, albeit at a shorter range and time frame. Despite the invincibility period lasting for only a second, fans believe that it’s going to be an overpowered buff.

Many others argue that the Moira buff is balanced simply because it still requires a lot of skill to pull off. Players can’t manually end Moira’s Fade whenever they want. This means that players will need to get the timing and the distance right for the Fade invincibility period to work fully.

How to use properly

Players will first need to understand the timing of Moira’s Fade. Once used, players will be invisible and invincible for less than two seconds. Moira can travel quite the distance when using Fade, so players should take it into account as well.

Her Fade buff is best used to counter burst ultimate abilities like D.Va’s Self-Destruct and Junkrat’s Riptire. It’s also best for high damage abilities as Moira can negate at least some of the damage. When used properly, her Fade buff can potentially save the team from a squad wipe.

Moira’s changes are still being tested on the Overwatch experimental card, and fans can try it out now. Currently, fans are happy with the changes, and it seems like it might be added to the game eventually. It’s worth noting that while she did get a buff on her Fade ability, her orbs have been nerfed as well.

Image used courtesy of Overwatch

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