Overwatch incident caused a former pro a 35-Day ban on CS:GO

Recipient of the 35-Day Ban on CS:GO, Jacob Winneche

Jacob Winneche, otherwise known as ‘Pimp,’ was banned from playing Counter-Strike: Global Offensive for 35 days after a deliberate incident that killed a teammate in a match session in Overwatch, but claims the sanction to be both unfair and ‘beyond stupid’.

Pimp played professionally in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive before turning a career in broadcasting.

The issue arose after a gameplay session on Overwatch where Pimp reacted uncharacteristically after facing cheaters in-game.

Pimp’s Defense

In a tweet, Winneche described the event that took place and explained how he sees the sanction as ‘unjust,’ given the circumstances.

In a game against 5, the former professional CS:GO player claims to had been faced with cheaters. Of which it is inferable to a situation of losses beyond the chances for winning.

Set in a pitiful predisposition, Pimp claims to have wanted to give up from the game from the get go. But a fellow team mate chose to continue playing, dragging everyone to an unwinnable game.

Wanting to finish the game sooner than later, Pimp chose to commit a ‘sin’ that serves a catalyst to their quick defeat. He essentially opted to kill a fellow teammate, via a friendly fire, in-game.

The Sin of Friendly Fire Killing

As per Overwatch rules, specifically, resorting to murdering a fellow player in the same team is strictly prohibited. Primarily, as it goes contrary to the values camaraderie which the game inevitably represents.

As to why ‘friendly fire’ is enabled in the first place has a valid reason for it. That is, to set a ‘realistic’ experience of playing a multiplayer shooter game in a highly competitive setting.

The sanction, however, did not immediately come from Valve after the incident. But rather through the grieving teammate who was shocked to be the victim of the event.

Some may argue that banning was an unnecessary consequence of Pimp’s action. But the game follows a protocol involving such incidents. Particularly, Valve conducting a review over the event based on footages of the actual game.

As it appears, Winneche’s killing of a fellow teammate in the manner of friendly fire is too obvious. That is, in spite of the fact that the opposing team might indeed be ‘cheating.’ This subsequently led to Pimp getting the 35-day ban, effectively preventing him from playing the game throughout its validity.

In his defense, Jacob Winneche called out the punishment as an injustice, pointing to the ‘dirty game’ as the cause of it all.

As to whether or not the said ‘cheaters’ themselves were given their own dose of disciplinary action, the information is not given.

Image used courtesy of Twitter/Jacob “Pimp” Winneche

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