‘Overwatch’ League commemorates 2019 MVP Sinatraa with Alien Zarya skin

Overwatch League commemorates 2019 MVP Sinatraa with Alien Zarya skin

The Overwatch League has just immortalized the name of its 2019 MVP, Jay “Sinatraa” Won, in the game with a dedicated Alien Zarya skin.

This commemoration is actually more emotional than it should be, considering that Sinatraa has since left the Overwatch League and hopped over to Valorant with Sentinels.

Nevertheless, a promise is a promise, and the 20-year-old’s 2019 performance in the professional scene of Overwatch is worth being commemorated for.

Zarya with an alien skin

The devs over at Blizzard Entertainment have completely reworked Aleksandra Zaryanova, famously known as Zarya, with a special alien look for the Sinatraa skin special.

The outer space inspiration reportedly came from three different concepts that Overwatch senior concept artist David Kang had in mind, as they thought of Sinatraa and his personality.

“It’s not every day that we get to immortalize not only a person but a moment into the game,” says assistant art director Tsang, per the official press release. “When we have those opportunities, those skins mean so much more to us and I think they’ll mean more to our players as well.”

Per the announcement, the alien skin is based on Sinatraa’s signature reference. Dexerto added that the alien reference is a “running joke in the OWL community that Sinatraa is from outer space.” Second, the “50s crooner” outfit is taken from the eSports player’s nickname, which is Frank Sinatra—the famed Jazz singer.

Lastly, the “knock on wood” theme of the skin design is to pay “homage to the San Francisco Shock’s well-known superstition.”

Sinatraa’s reaction to his Overwatch dedicated skin

During the video conference call, as seen in Blizzard’s video release, Sinatraa’s was amazed as to how the designers were able to incorporate the details that he mentioned.

“It’s crazy how they made Zarya an alien like I wanted, but still kept the suit part I wanted and made it look good,” says the reigning Overwatch champ. “In my head it felt really goofy, but they somehow made it go together really well.”

One of the few details worth mentioning is, first, Zarya’s eyes—it blinks sideways. Second, the little shoulder patch that embodies the Overwatch League MVP trophy. Third, Zarya’s pink glow.

The tips of her hair (or tentacles), her facial antennae glow. The energy nodes on her thighs, shoulders, and on her backpack will also glow with energy, as Zarya gains charge, which also signifies an increase in her damage.

Sinatraa’s special Alien Zarya skin will be made available starting June 16 until June 30. It’ll be redeemable for 200 League tokens—which can be purchased in-game or by watching OWL matches.


Featured image courtesy of Overwatch League/YouTube Screenshot

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