‘Overwatch’ map points broken as exposed by streamer

Overwatch is over four years already, and fans would think that the developers have at least got the maps in perfect shape. However, as one player exposes, there are still a few minor issues in some of the capture points in the game.

Overwatch players are still finding a few minor issues in their titles. While heroes have often been the focus of disputes within the community, one player has discovered that the maps are flawed as well. Is the difference that big for Blizzard to change them?

Capture points broken?

Streamer and Youtuber Nathan Chan, also known as KarQ, says that the capture points in the game are problematic. To be more specific, the capture points with issues are those in Hanamura, Oasis, and Illios. The issues with the capture points are not that big but it might explain why some players feel that there are issues with them.

Using one of the tools in the Workshop, KarQ notes that the borders at some capture points are uneven. This explains why when standing in some areas, players aren’t able to contest the point even if it looks like they are already within the borders.

On the other hand, Illios’ Well map is uneven. One side offers more space than the other. This gives the other team a very slight disadvantage. While small,  the extra points could make or break the match.

Will Blizzard fix it?

Blizzard is consistently working to ensure that Overwatch is a balanced game.  Now that these uneven map points have been discovered, there’s a chance that the developers might move to sort things out. Since the differences are small, Blizzard doesn’t have to spend too much time in fixing the issues.

The developers have always listened to player sentiments. They’ve acted quickly when it comes to issues regarding the heroes. Hopefully, they act just as fast when it comes to the maps.

For now, it seems like Blizzard is busy with working on the sequel. There are rumors that the sequel will launch at Blizzcon next year which falls on the last week of February.

While minor, these small issues represent some things that players might experience while playing a match of OverwatchHopefully, Blizzard takes notice of these issues. If they want to balance the game before the launch of the sequel, it’s a must they begin adjusting such small matters.


Image used courtesy of PlayOverwatch

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