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‘Overwatch’ mascot revealed as a potential character for ‘Smash Ultimate’


Recent leaks claimed that Tracer from Overwatch is going to be the next Smash Ultimate DLC fighter and Nintendo could likely pull this off.

The leak that was caught by Dexerto was from a deleted thread on GameFAQs. A forum user named Slayersfan was the source of the leak and here’s what they stated:

“The reveal video shows almost the entire cast of current Overwatch playable characters, and towards the end we see Tracer receiving the Smash envelope digitally on her computer screen at the OW operations base.”

One user challenged the authenticity of the leak and Slayersfan further claimed that he had inside information from Blizzard. In addition, he also mentioned about Orisa’s Chinese New Year and Demon skins before its release a few years ago.

The idea for including an Overwatch in Smash went in a form of a lengthy proposal after the game’s success in the Nintendo Switch. As of this writing, Slayersfan has been “paroled” from the forum site and won’t be able to post within 48-72 hours.

Another GameFAQs forum thread last week also expressed dismay that adding Tracer to the Smash universe could make people angry.

Could this move boost the game’s popularity?

Previously, people over at Blizzard were asked at an AMA Reddit session wherein which character they want to be in Nintendo’s Super Smash Bros. Ultimate.

Game director Jeff Kaplan mentioned Tracer which is the main character for Overwatch on the AMA and he also shared this over at an IGN interview last year. Additionally, Wes Yanagi, the principal game producer on the Switch version, wanted to make Winston debut on Smash.

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate is still active through its global tournaments. For Overwatch, its current player count as of this writing is less than a million compared to its glory days before the likes of Valorant came into the FPS picture.

If the leak is true, we’re not sure if it can boost both the popularity of Overwatch due to these circumstances but at least Tracer is still getting all the love.

Featured image courtesy of Overwatch/Twitter

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