‘Overwatch’ new hero called Echo banned by users

‘Overwatch’ new hero called Echo banned by users

Less than a week after her release, Echo was banned from being picked in competitive Overwatch games.

Despite this rather disheartening development, many in the community believe that this is just a natural meta reaction to a new hero.

Every time a new hero is released into the game, they are usually received with a high pick rate amongst players. In the case of Overwatch, Echo is the latest hero to grace its battlefield. Less than a week after the hero was released, it became a popular pick for many players, perhaps out of curiosity to try her new abilities and gameplay mechanics.

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This unusual pick rate is a double-edged sword. The high pick rate, along with a still-evolving meta, means that the new hero also gets a lot of bans. Case in point, Echo is already banned in competitive Overwatch games.

Technically, it is not a permanent ban. Due to her relatively new gameplay mechanics and its effects on the game’s current meta, the hero is temporarily sidelined out of the hero pool rotation. Word around the community is that the hero will be back on rotation next week.

What are the numbers

This report revealed that following Echo’s release on April 14, the hero was featured on a staggering 18.3% of matches. It was an impressive pick rate for a new hero, something that tells about her effects on the game’s mechanics. It goes to show how Echo has affected the meta of the game upon her release.

Regarding Overwatch’s Week 8 hero pool bans, Echo will be joining thee other heroes: Tracer, Moira, and Orisa. Topping the chart once again is the game’s poster girl, Tracer, amassing an impressive 25.7% pick rate.

In terms of pick rate, Ana is still on top of the chart with a 77.9% pick rate. However, the support hero managed to evade the ban. On the other hand, Moira received the shorter straw this time, even with just a 21.9% pick rate.

Community’s outrage

Echo’s competitive ban left many in the Overwatch community bewildered. Considered by many as one of the most successful hero rollouts in recent memory, Echo brings a much-needed hype for players.

Gamers from all levels all took their ire over on several social media platforms. Some claim that Blizzard is killing the hype over the new character. Some are blaming Blizzard’s “hero pool system.”

Whether it is a glitch on the “hero pool system” algorithm or that the new hero is disrupting the game’s meta, one thing is for sure: Echo is here to stay.

Image courtesy of AC De Leon/Unsplash and Tim Bartel/Wikimedia Commons

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