‘Overwatch’ new hero pool now live

The latest bans of heroes for Competetive Play in Overwatch has changed once again. This week, players are losing two high damage characters and the best shield tank in the game.

Last week’s hero bans for Overwatch saw the removal of Wrecking Ball, Mercy, McCree, and Widowmaker. The theme of last week’s removal was hit-scan heroes, but for this week, it seems like the main theme is heroes that are able to push objectives easily.

May 4 hero bans

First up, the highly damaging Reaper will be off of the game for one week. As a damage type hero, Reaper is one of the characters that can instantly shred the health of tanks in the game. He’s a highly efficient attack hero as he can easily take out any support and tank heroes from behind by flanking them.

Next up, we’ve got Ashe who’s going to be away for a while. Ashe is considered as a semi-sniper because her gun can function as such as well. What makes Ashe a truly formidable opponent is her ultimate, which lets her summon B.O.B. He is treated as a unit in the game, so despite being uncontrollable, B.O.B. can contest points as well.

As for tank and support bans, the shielded tandem, Reinhardt, and Brigitte will be removed from the game temporarily.  Without these two heroes, players will have a harder time when using a dive team as these two are best at this kind of strategy in the game.

Who’s affected by the hero pool

With the new changes to the hero pool, not every Overwatch player has to worry about the bans now. As per the change, only those playing in the Overwatch League and those who have a Skill Rating of 3500 and above will be banned from using these heroes.

Everyone else, most particularly those from Bronze to Platinum ranks in Competitive Play, will now be free from the hero pool.

Aside from this, not much has been changed with regards to the hero pool still. As always, the banned heroes will be based on the hero pick rates for the previous weeks. Heroes cannot be banned for two weeks after being banned recently as well.

The new hero bans for Overwatch shakes up the meta once again. Hopefully, players will find a way to make their dive comps more effective even if Reaper, Ashe, Reinhardt, and Brigitte are out of the game temporarily.


Image used courtesy of Blizzard

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