‘Overwatch’ on console suffers from broken team chat

Most of the players of Overwatch are on PC, but the console versions of the game still have a huge following. If Blizzard wants to keep this following, they may need to listen to the problems that are currently troubling the community.

Communication is a huge factor in winning a game of Overwatch as without it; it’ll be difficult to set up plays. While the console version of the game has team chat, there’s one current problem that the community wants to get fixed as soon as possible.

Comms are a problem

Blizzard set the standards for console communication with the shooter. The in-game voice chat was an excellent way to communicate with teammates without having to suffer from loading screens. However, there has been an issue bugging players for quite a while already.

Whenever players try to join the party chat, they’ll be notified that they are in the group with other players. However, they will be unable to speak or hear anyone. This renders the feature useless since players are basically muted from the rest of the team in the voice chat.

This annoying Overwatch bug usually happens when players switch from group to voice chat. When the bugs happen, players will be stuck in the situation for a hefty amount of time. Regardless of they disconnect from the chat group, it isn’t a guarantee that their communications will be up and running.

Hotfix wanted fast

Up until now, Blizzard is yet to find a solution to this long-running issue, and players are getting impatient. So far, the community has provided some temporary fixes, which include disconnecting and reconnecting the internet connection and even restarting the game. However, these fixes don’t always work.

What’s worse is that players don’t know what causes the issue, and it can happen without warning.

Players are demanding a fix from Blizzard as soon as possible, and hopefully, the developer listens just as they do usually. For now, players can create parties through their consoles so that they won’t have communications issues. Alternatively, they can rely on the game’s revamped communication wheel but this only offers limited usability.

Overwatch is a good game but it is far from being perfect as it still suffers from balancing and technical issues. The good thing is that the developers behind the game still listen to the community.


Image used courtesy of Overwatch

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