‘Overwatch’ player shares odd tip for boosting win rate

There are a lot of secrets to uncover in Overwatch that will let players achieve a better win rate. In a game that’s all about attacking and defending objectives, there’s one factor that players tend to overlook.

Blizzard has set the standard for in-game communications with OverwatchHowever, it seems like not many players are utilizing this cool feature, which allows them to talk with their teammates easily. One player shows that there are a lot of benefits to turning on voice chat in the game.

Talking means winning

One player decided it was time to reveal the merits of communication in the popular hero-based shooter. Based on the data, players will have a better shot at winning a game if they enter voice chat. The results last season were taken, and are not at all surprising to the community.

I’m a mid-gold tank and I gathered stats on voice chat activity for the last season to see if it impacted my winrate. Here are the results (details in first comment). from Competitiveoverwatch

The data shows the win rate of teams based on the number of players who are on voice chat. When only one player is on voice chat, the win rate is 49%. On the other end, a team where all six players are on voice chat have a win rate of 72%. The results show that the more players participate in communication, the better chances of winning they have.

Of course, players of Overwatch aren’t forced to join voice chat whenever they get in the game. However, it’s important for them to know that if they want a better win rate, it might be time to turn on communications for a change.

Why communication is key in the game

The game is more about objectives and less about eliminating members of the enemy team. Moreover, the hero skills in the game work better if there are players who call out shots and plays. As we’ve seen from various pro games of the shooter, a well-planned attack can decimate an entire group of enemies instantly.

Since revamping the communication wheel, the game has better means of communication other than voice chat. However, even after changes, the communication wheel lags behind voice chat by a long shot in terms of usability.

Players need to understand that Overwatch is all about teamwork and cooperation. By turning on voice chat, plays will be easier to initiate. This should be a wake-up call for those who want to rank higher this season, and it’s a good thing the data arrived now that season 23 has just started.

Image used courtesy of Overwatch

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