‘Overwatch’ Summer Games now live

It may have been late, but finally, Overwatch Summer Games 2020 is officially here. The latest seasonal event in the game comes packed with a ton of new cosmetics, and things to do.

Blizzard has finally launched the next seasonal event for its shooter, and Overwatch Summer Games 2020 is now officially live. Players that already have the patch installed should get it on the game faster, as there are a lot of new cosmetics to collect and a set of new weekly challenges to complete. Here’s everything we know.

Event end date

The event has officially launched, and the patch for the update is less than 1GB. The event will last until August 25, so players still have a lot of time ahead of them. Upon logging in, players will get a free Summer Games loot box so players should get in on the game.

New skins

As usual, the highlight of this new season event is the exclusive skins that come with it. There are a few new epic and legendary skins to get. For the legendary skins, it’s Tropical Baptiste, Lifeguard Pharah, Feskarn Brigitte, Karate Doomfist, and Surf’s Up Echo.

If players want a certain skin badly, they can buy it for 3,000 credits. At the same time, legendary skins from past summer games will sell for 1,000 credits each.

Throughout the event, there will be three new challenge skins. For Overwatch Summer Games 2020, these skins are Union Jack Tracer, Sandcastle Bastion, and Icecream Orisa. Aside from new skins, completing the weekly challenges also rewards players with new icons and sprays.

There are also new voice lines, sprays, emotes, victory poses, and highlight intros to collect.

Lucioball Remix

The new Lucioball is more fast-paced. There will be two balls in play at all times, but more balls will drop as the games go on. The position won’t be reset after a goal as well. This means players are free to score as much as they want in a match. The maps also have new obstacles that players can use to their advantage.

If players want the original Lucioball, it is also available in the arcade, and it’s tagged as Lucioball Classic.

There are still weeks to go for the Overwatch Summer Games 2020 event, and players still have a lot of time to grind for loot boxes. Players should try getting in on the arcade so that they can win an additional three loot boxes as well. As usual, we highly recommend playing with others for a better shot at victory.

Image used courtesy of PlayOverwatch/YouTube

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