‘Overwatch’ tips and tricks: Best heroes for each role this season

Overwatch’s meta changes considerably per patch and per season, so keeping up with the latest changes is a must. Those that want to up their skill rating should definitely consider knowing which heroes are top tier.

We are now at the 22nd season of Competitive Play in Overwatchand the meta has changed drastically. For players that want to increase their win rates substantially, here are some of the heroes they should stick with per role.


For this role, one of the best heroes to pick currently is Ashe. The reason why she’s at the top is that she’s very versatile. Her coach gun can be used as a means to get away from an enemy or to get to high places. It can also be used to deal good damage up close, whereas Ashe’s Viper is capable of dealing significant damage from mid to long-range.

Although Ashe can’t one-shot enemies with her sniper, her headshots can still leave enemies clinging for their lives.

Ashe is a great crowd controller too. Her dynamite is avoided by enemies because it can deal significant damage over time. Meanwhile, B.O.B is currently one of the best ultimates in the game as it can contest points and force enemies to go into hiding as well.


For support, still at the top tier is Lucio. His speed and healing boost are still crucial for games in Overwatch. In matches like control and when on attack at payload, his skills are even better as the entire team is confined to a certain area. Lastly, Lucio’s added mobility makes him capable of contesting any point so long as players can control him properly.

Another top-tier pick for support is Ana. Apart from healing, Ana’s Nano Boost serves as the perfect ultimate to turn the tides, especially when the team has a Genji or Reinhardt waiting to use his ultimate.


Reinhardt is arguably one of the best shield tanks in the game. He has been at the top since the game launch, and it’s hard to argue the utility of his shield.

While Reinhardt’s main use is to protect those behind him, his ultimate can be used to set up other ultimate abilities in the game. What’s worth noting is that Reinhardt works best with a team that can take out enemies from afar, so Ashe, Widowmaker, Ana, and other long-range heroes are the best team compositions.

Overwatch‘s tier list changes dynamically. Players should always be in the know with regards to the latest buffs and nerfs if they want to keep up.

Images used courtesy of Overwatch

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