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‘Overwatch’ tips and tricks for Competitive Play Season 23 To Rank Up


Season 23 of Competitive Play in Overwatch is now live so players can get in on the action to rank up in the game once more. Since there are a few changes to the heroes, players should take note of a few tips before beginning their placement matches.

The recent Overwatch update prepared the game for Season 23 of Competetive play. Aside from a Competetive Open Queue, there are hero changes that came along with the update. Here are a few tips for players that want to end the next season on a high note.

Take note of the new meta

In the recent update, Brigitte was nerfed heavily. It is unlikely that she will make viable support in ranked matches because her changes were intended to reduce the support hero’s pick rates. When it comes to support, players are better off picking Lucio, Ana, or Zenyatta as they are considered as the current meta.

If players want to win more matches, they should pick their heroes depending on the current meta. For now, the best team setups most usually include Junkrat, Ashe, Pharah,  Torbjorn, Reinhardt, Zarya, and Roadhog, plus the support heroes mentioned earlier.

Always play with a team

Overwatch is a teamwork heavy game. Whether it’s making plays or contesting an objective, it is essential for players to always be with a team so that communication is a lot easier. If players don’t have a set of friends to play with, they should always consider turning on voice chat in the game.

It is important to keep in mind that players can only play with one another if their ranks are one ahead of each other. For instance, Bronze players can’t play with Gold players, etc.

Make placement matches matter

Each of the role queues will have five placement matches each. In open role queueing, the placement matches are 10. SR decay is in the game, so it is important for players to make the placement matches count. Aside from winning, their stats in the game will determine their starting rank for the season.

The Overwatch competitive season will last for three months again so players can grind their way for a long time. Aside from the new competitive season, players also have to look forward to the upcoming Summer Games event, which mostly takes place in the third week of July. We can begin seeing teases for the new skins soon.

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