‘Overwatch’ update: New hero ban system possibly coming soon

Blizzard is intent on balancing Overwatch and pushing through new metal to change up the games, but sometimes their efforts fall short. What’s good, though, is that they press forward with new changes that are improvements on previous updates.

The hero pool system in Overwatch was not entirely well-received by fans. Role queue, on the other hand, has a mixed reception til to this date. However, there is a new system that Blizzard might be trying out, and fans are interested so far.

Hero bans make debut

Last May 30, the original rosters Runaway and the Lunatic-Hai faced off at the Giga Arena. While the match itself was a sight to behind, fans were focused on one other thing, which was the new ban system that was debuted live.

Instead of the usual 2-2-2 role lock, the teams were free to create team composition of their own. Meaning both sides can have any number of heroes for the tank, damage, and support roles. This allows for more flexible plays and team compositions, and it was the primary format of matches for several years since the game launched.

What’s different this time around is that both teams also had the chance to ban up to four heroes for the enemy team. Both teams banned Baptiste, Orisa, Mei, and Sombra, but they were free to ban whoever they want.

In theory, up to eight Overwatch heroes can be banned from a match if each team banned a different one. This forces the players to shift their strategies on the go, making the game more dynamic.

Will this make its way to the public?

This is the first time that fans of the game have seen the mechanic. The reception about it has been pretty positive so far, and it seems like there’s a chance that Blizzard might eventually add it to the live servers.

If they are to indeed make the new mechanic an actual feature, then we might first see it on the experimental mode of the game. What’s certain, though, is that fans are asking for some changes on the hero pools and role queues in the game, and the new system might just be the answer.

Overwatch is well on its way into becoming a new game now that a sequel is in the works. However, Blizzard should first refine the game so that it becomes perfectly balanced once the new game arrives.


Image used courtesy of Blizzard/YouTube Screenshot

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