‘Overwatch’ updates: Communications wheel and experimental card next in line for revamp

Comms wheel and experimental card next focus for Overwatch updates

Blizzard’s Jeff Kaplan teases what could be coming next to the game.

The release of Echo means there will be no new characters added to Overwatch up until the sequel arrives. The good thing is that despite this, support behind the game is still pretty strong.

In fact, Blizzard and Jeff Kaplan already have plans for the next updates on the game, and these are both set to improve the communications wheel and the experimental card in the shooter.

Changes to the communications wheel coming soon

Since launching in 2016, there’s not much that has been changed to the communications wheel in Overwatch, aside from the addition of the emotes, voice line, and spray options. However, players have long been asking Blizzard to revamp the comms wheel in some way as it feels lacking in its current state.

On Blizzard’s forums, one player shared in sentiments on the current state of the comms wheel, saying there aren’t enough options to choose from. The post gained enough attention that Kaplan himself responded. He said that there are changes being made to it already and that there will be more details in the next developer update for the game.

Fans are hoping that aside from more communication options, there should be a ping system available in the game as well. Something similar to the ping system in Apex Legends can revamp the way players talk through the comms wheel.

Updates to next experimental card coming as well

The experimental card in Overwatch allows players to participate in possible mechanics to be added to the game. For instance, one of the first experimental cards let players go into one tank, two supports, and three damage matches, whereas the regular set up would be two heroes for each role.

Kaplan was very vague when it comes to specifically what changes will come in the next experimental card. However, he does note that they are trying to find a setup that powers down crowd controlling in the game.

If the changes prove to be successful, they could potentially be added to the game instead of being stuck at the experimental card. The current meta has lowered the pick rates of Bastion and Soldier 76. Hopefully, the upcoming experimental card gives these two heroes their time in the sun once again.

These changes might not take long before they are implemented. Hopefully, these arrive in an update sometime within this month.


Image used courtesy of Blizzard

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