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‘Overwatch’ vs. ‘Valorant’: How the two shooters differ


One is a global hit released by Blizzard in 2016, the other is Riot Games’ upcoming team-based shooter. Overwatch and Valorant are identical shooters, but there are differences between the two still.

Valorant is Riot Games’ answer to Blizzard’s Overwatch. As early as now, people have high expectations of Valorant, and even Overwatch pros are starting to jump ship. With Overwatch 2 possibly still being far off, Blizzard might have a significant problem on its hand.

Though both are cut from the same cloth, there are a lot of differences between Valorant and Overwatch. Knowing which is which could be the key to letting players know which game they want more.

Game Modes

Overwatch has several objective-based game modes played by two teams of six. These are Control, Hybrid, and Escort. Team deathmatches that FPS players are used to aren’t available in Overwatch. From time to time, Blizzard introduces unique modes as well, such as Lucio Ball and the Archives PVE game modes.

Valorant, on the other hand, plays a lot differently. There’s only one mode for now, and it’s similar to CS:GO’s most popular game mode. Two teams of five players face off in a 25 round match. The attacking team’s goal is to plant a bomb at a certain area, while the defending team’s goal is to stop it. The first team that scores 13 rounds wins the game.

Another difference is that in Valorant, players only have one life per round. Whereas in Overwatch, players can respawn after a timer has passed.


Both Overwatch and Valorant will have unique characters each. Each with their own personalities, each with their own skills. However, the similarities stop there.

In Overwatch, each hero also comes with his own attributes. Tank heroes have higher HP than others, for instance. In Valorant, however, everyone shares the same amount of HP, meaning no hero is stronger or weaker than the other. Only the skills of the hero will determine its role.

Although skills are great in Valorant, players will still feel more rewarded with gunplay. Whereas in Overwatch, the right use of skills can truly make a difference in a match.


The weapons of Overwatch heroes are sometimes out of the ordinary. For instance, Winston carries a huge gun that shoots out bolts of lightning. While Overwatch features futuristic and out-of-the-ordinary weapons, Valorant has a standard military fare.

Perhaps the biggest difference is that in Valorant, players buy weapons at the beginning of each match, whereas, in Overwatch, weapons are already unique to each character.

Overwatch and Valorant are two great titles that we can say. Blizzard should really ramp up the development on Overwatch 2 as it seems likely that Valorant is going to take the crown once it fully releases.

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