‘Overwatch’: What is the current meta in the shooter?

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For years, Blizzard has struggled to change the meta in Overwatch, which has mostly been about sustained diving. After some radical changes to tanks and other heroes, the meta has been changed significantly.

Players of Overwatch might have noticed that tanks like Reinhardt and Orisa are no longer as common. That’s because shields have become obsolete in the game. For those struggling to get a few wins under their name, here’s our guide at the new meta for the shooter.

Self-sustaining heroes

The changes to the shield tanks in the game means that everyone else is more vulnerable. Without a barrier to deflect enemy fire, heroes with self-sustaining abilities have become more present in the game. While supports are still needed, players will need to ensure their survival on their own during worst-case scenarios.

For DPS, heroes like Soldier 76 and Reaper are back as they can easily heal themselves. Sombra also plays a vital role as she can help the team greatly by hacking nearby health pack terminals. For tanks, Roadhog’s self-healing and high DPS capabilities make him a must.

The new tanks

The new tanks in the meta are those that can deal significant damage and can still take in a ton of damage even without a shield. The tanks that are commonly in play include Roadhog, D.Va, and Wrecking Ball. Zarya’s ability to protect herself and her allies are also a must.

Of course, not all shields in Overwatch have become useless. If players want a shield tank, they should go with Sigma. His barrier’s quick cooldown and maneuverability make it a great defense in all situations.

High healing supports

Support heroes have remained pretty much the same, but there’s a bigger need for heroes with high healing. The current top picks are Ana and Baptiste, who both have excellent burst healing. However, Moira and Lucio are also viable heroes as their AoE healing means that the team can sustain even further.

Support heroes like Zenyatta, who can deal with great damage, is also a must in the new meta. As there are no shields, supports also need to be capable of protecting and fending for themselves. Here’s a look at other meta compositions.

A lot of players have already adapted to the new meta, but of course, this new change of pace for Overwatch is forcing everyone to try and change up their playstyle.

Image used courtesy of Overwatch

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