‘Overwatch’ Workshop Mode puts ‘Among Us’ in Blizzard’s shooter

Overwatch players have proven time and time again that they can be creative in the game’s Workshop Mode. Some players are even able to recreate the addicting Among Us experience in the shooter.

We’ve seen a ton of games get translated to Overwatch via the game’s amazing Workshop mode. From other shooters like Counter-Strike to battle royales like Fall Guys, the Workshop’s openness makes for a great tool to add in unique experiences. One of the unique modes, however, is based on the mobile and PC hit, Among Us.

‘Among Us’ in custom matches

Community creator HYAYA recently posted his custom game mode for the shooter, which has instantly become a hit to fans. The mode is deeply inspired by Among Us. The game itself takes place in no other than Horizon Lunar Colony, the perfect map for a deceitful game like Among Us.


Matches in the custom mode feel very close to Among Us. Players are stuck in Horizon Lunar Colony. There will be crew members and a set of impostors. The crew members have to survive and complete their tasks while the impostors have to take out everyone silently.

Like the hit game, the views of players are obstructed in this workshop mode. This means it will be much harder to spot if one of the impostors are doing something suspicious.

The people behind the game went as far as recreating the mundane tasks in Among Us for Overwatch. Regardless of what side the player is on, there’s always something to do, and players need to be on their toes at all times.

When a dead body is spotted, players can report it, and an emergency meeting will be held. When this happens, players are taken to a separate area to find who the real culprit is.

Like Among Us, this game mode will be more fun if players play it with the game’s voice chat enabled. The developers of the game mode are sure to add major improvements in the future as well. There are many Among Us modes in the game, but its this one that truly takes the cake.

Seeing Among Us in Overwatch is an impressive feat. Players should try out this mode as it can really bring an exciting new experience to the shooter. As the workshop mode becomes more open, players can expect even better game modes coming from the community.

Image used courtesy of PlayOverwatch

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