‘Overwatch’ Workshop Modes that completely change the game

Since being launched in Overwatch, the Workshop Mode has been home to some amazing modes. While some modes add a few modifications to the standard game modes, some creations try to create a new game instead.

The Workshop Mode in Overwatch has been upgraded repeatedly to become more flexible when it comes to coding. This means creators are basically free to create whatever they want in the game. Here are some game modes that completely change the way the game is played.

Glitch In The System

There are hardly any horror elements in the game. Even the Halloween Terror event is far from being scary. For those that really want a horrific experience, it might be high time to try Glitch in the System. It plays similarly to the classic horror experience, Slender.

In this game mode, players will have to find 10 small orbs scattered throughout the maps. These can be hidden inside destructible objects or even under cars. The more orbs they get, the more aggressive Sombra becomes. The game horrifying and has every right to be one of the unique Workshop Modes.

CS GO Surf

This Overwatch Workshop Mode adds a near-perfect recreation of the CS GO mod called Surf. Aside from being downright fun, this mode is an excellent way to practice movement in the game. This game is played with Lucio, and it lets players get a grasp of using the hero’s mobility skills in Illios.

It’s a great way to practice the hero and his assets too. There are many other surf modes in the game, but it’s this one that lets players thoroughly enjoy the same mod that was found in CS GO.


For those that want to have simple and plain fun in the game, then they should definitely try Pictionary. In this tried and tested mode, players will take turns drawing an object. The others will have to guess what the artist is drawing. Players are scored based on the number of drawings they get correctly.

The Workshop Mode in Overwatch has been out for over a year, and players are already starting to create wild and wacky modes. These game modes above prove the ingenuity of the Workshop, as well as the creativity of the players. Hopefully, there will be more game modes in the future, as this helps take away the stress from those tight competitive matches.

Image used courtesy of PlayOverwatch

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