‘Ozark’ season 4 begins filming supersized final run in October

Filming for Ozark season 4 is reportedly set for October 2020, but the writers are already hard at work for the supersized final run, according to the Netflix show’s editor.

Cindy Mollo recently spoke with Deadline and said that she heard discussions about dates and schedules for the start of the production of Ozark season 4. However, she also said that things can still change due to the pandemic crisis.

Netflix renewed the family crime drama in June and also announced that it would be the end of the series. The streaming platform gave the drama final 14 episodes to develop, which Mollo said will be split into two parts.

Laura Linney, Tom Pelphrey talk season 4

One Ozark cast member looking forward to the new season is Tom Pelphrey (Ben). He told Entertainment Weekly that he’s eager to see what will happen to the character of Laura Linney (Wendy) after her very emotional episode with her TV brother. Linney echoes that same eagerness.

“I’m really eager to see what Chris Mundy and the writers have in store for season 4, to see how it bleeds through that season and see how they think she’s going to deal with it,” Linney said. “But it’s an inconceivable choice to make…but she does it.”

[SPOILER ALERT!] Last season, Wendy had no choice but to kill Ben, her flesh and blood, because he was becoming a liability. Ben’s mental health issues put the Byrd family in grave danger against the Mexican drug cartel.

It’s unclear if Pelphrey will return to Ozark season 4, given the fate of his character. But the actor is on board theories that Ben lives and that his death was a fake-out.

“We had similar conspiracy theories on-set at the time that the script came out, and Rita [Parillo], who does the hair on the show, was one of the first people to speculate that perhaps Ben wasn’t dead,” Pelphrey shared.

More death speculations

Fans think that two more characters will die in the final installment. Julia Garner’s Ruth Langmore has two targets on her back from the Navarro Cartel and the Kansas City mafia. She won’t have the protection of the Byrds since she decided to ditch the family and join Darlene Snell, played by Lisa Emery. The mob might also come after Darlene after she attacked Frank Jr. to save Ruth.

Meanwhile, the Byrds’ marriage might not survive the end of Ozark season 4 but the showrunner hinted an unexpected ending. Fans think that Wendy and Marty (Jason Bateman) will become full-fledged drug lords by the time the series ends but one of them will kill the other off.


Image used courtesy of Netflix/YouTube

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