‘Ozark’ Season 4: What fans want to see next?

‘Ozark’ Season 4: What fans want to see next?

Netflix has yet to announce the coming of Ozark Season 4, but fans are hopeful for the Byrdes return.

After Season 3’s intense revelations, viewers already have their predictions on what may happen on the fourth installment. Following Ruth’s (Julia Garner) decision to cut ties with the Byrdes and Darlene won her loyalty, a series of events started to happen. So, here is what fans want to see next, as noted by Game Spot.

Sam standing for himself

Everyone wants justice for Sam (Kevin L. Johnson). After he has been involved with the Byrdes since Season 1, they took advantage of him on Season 3. With his naivety, he fully trusts the family, unaware that they are already using him as an accomplice to their money laundering business.

They even throw him to the FBI to make Special Agent Miller (Jessica Frances Dukes) continuously believe them. So, in Ozark Season 4, everything may change, and Sam may finally stand for himself.

Marty, Wendy to leave the cartel

Marty (Jason Batman) and Wendy (Laura Linney) already knew what Navarro could do. They even saw him kill his longtime lawyer, Helen Pierce (Janet McTeer), in front of them. It remains to be a big mystery as to why Navarro killed Pierce.

Although Marty might use themselves useful for him so that they would not suffer the same fate, he might have realized that they were not safe with him. So, in the next season, they might do something to leave the cartel.

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FBI to investigate the Byrdes

To keep the show’s tension up in Ozark Season 4, the FBI may put the pressure on the Byrdes. As they showed up in the previous season’s start to audit the casino, they might finally close in on the family’s money laundering business.

Ozark Season 4’s coming

Netflix has yet to announce the show’s renewal, let alone Ozark Season 4’s release date. However, according to Radio Times, it’s unlikely for the streaming giant to cancel one of its most popular drama shows.

People behind the series seem to be ready to make more episodes. Bateman told Collider in April that the show’s team is “hopeful” that a new season is about to happen.

“There is not an official pickup for Season 4,” he said. “We’re all operating under the hope it will happen.”

As Netflix usually takes months to analyze if the show still needs a new season to continue, Bateman is confident that it will happen. So, it looks like fans have to wait a little longer for the coming of Ozark Season 4.

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