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‘PABJE’: The ‘PUBG’ clone taking over India right now


PABJE takes over the mantle of PUBG as the Indian government still bans it amid border dispute. This PUBG clone currently has over 100,000 downloads in the Google Play Store for a unique reason.

The Indian government recently banned PUBG and other Chinese apps. One-Touch Games took advantage of the situation and released Player And BattleJung Ends or PABJE.

This PUBG ripoff is nowhere near the quality of the original game. But like the saying “cut one Hydra head and two more grows,” several PUBG clones are out there. This might be taking in all the downloads yet, not for its actual gameplay.

What makes it viral?

PABJE is getting viral due to its funny Google Play Store description and photos. Dipak Kattikar, the developer, put it a “realistic graphics” text overlay in a not-so-realistic in-game screenshot.

The game description tried to stay away from the “battle royale” as its theme. Instead, it says “find enemy and kill enemy” which is the whole point of a battle royale title.

The game itself carries over the game mechanics of the original PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds game. However, it is the work of an individual developer as it is pretty much an unpolished indie game.

PABJE reviews make the downloading experience better

Before downloading PABJE, expect it to be something out of Miniclip or Y8. It is best to describe it as a browser game in mobile form.

But for someone looking for a good laugh, the review is section is gold.

One of the top comments said that the game deserves a 10-star rating. But the review section only allows up to five. He is giving it a 1 at the moment while the zero will follow.

The developer replied to support the game as one person develops it.

PABJE might not be the PUBG Mobile replacement when it comes to gameplay. But it sure does bring a good laugh. Who knows? With more downloads coming, the game gets bigger and better in future updates.

Images (1) (2) courtesy of PABJE/Google Play Store

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