‘Palworld’ preview: a simulation game with Pokemon-like creatures and crime elements

Palworld announcement trailer snapshot

Pocketpair’s developing title Palworld introduces a game that mixes cutesy Pokemon-looking figures and dark gameplay elements in a simulated environment.

Inspired after real-life creatures, Pokemon has introduced a world of its own. Known to appeal mostly to the young audiences, the franchise has beautiful aesthetics at its root. But while generally kid-friendly, it’s also one to portray themes that reflect matters in real life. Like crimes often done by bad people, for example, albeit in a manner that’s acceptable for viewership.

Fighting Mechanics

Not shy in depicting what the Nintendo-owned franchise couldn’t, however, Palworld mixes the cute and the dark. In particular, as a simulation game where monsters called Pal assume the role of not just companions, but tools as well.

In this game, Pals don’t just fight in your stead when you are up and about in the field. As a player, you play active role in the overall action as well, featuring weapons, like guns. It’s an interesting concept that sees players fighting alongside their chosen Pal against enemies in human form.

More than the action, traversing places is also at the heart of this game. With varying terrains, players are given venues to explore that may require certain Pal abilities to accomplish. For example, an aquatic Pal has the capability to get into and cross waters and reach new places.


However, Pals are not always just stalwart allies to carry along across Palworld’s open world. Another side of the game is also a simulation that gives players gameplay experiences that are not necessarily combat-related. For instance, players will have to raise and harvest crops with the help of certain Pals for sustenance. Speaking of which, players are also given the choice to hunt Pals from the wild for food, which is critical for survival. Alternatively, others can be employed to do other works in the ranch, such as building constructs or working in factories.

Pals can also make living easier for the player, too. When certain abilities are employed, amenities like electricity can be harnessed and enjoyed. This meant amusing on certain perks that are otherwise difficult or impossible to get.

Although players will have plenty to encounter in the field, varieties of Pals can also be generated through breeding. Something which would also be encouraged for coming up with stronger breeds.

Risky Venture

Then, there’s also the “illegal” aspect within the game’s context, which involves poaching Pals for money. Players looking to make a quick, big buck could be venturing in forbidden areas for those high-fetching endangered species. But only if the player is not caught.

Lastly, there’s the game’s multiplayer aspect which gives players the chance to do trade and battle with other people.

Palworld is a developing title and is slated for release as a PC title via Steam in 2022.

Image used courtesy of Gematsu/YouTube Screenshot

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