Panther Protocol: Aiming for the next-generation privacy


Blockchain is indeed a revolutionary technology, but just like with other rising techs, it also has its shares of worry.

One of these concerns is about the issue of privacy, where public blockchains — with their transparent nature — have the potential to be used for surveillance and economic espionage. And these risks put DeFi users in great danger.

That is why Panther Protocol came up with a platform to protect DeFi users’ assets and transactions by creating “interoperable, fully collateralized privacy-enhancing digital assets.”

These features provide users with additional layers of security which can prevent their history from being seen.

Apart from that, their strategies, which are a result of heavy investments, would be protected from the risk of being reversed-engineered by other entities.

Optimum Privacy

The Panther platform is specifically designed to prevent intrusions and protect sensitive data like maps, registers, dates, and documents from unscrupulous activities.

In other words, the platform not only protects users from outside entities — it also protects users from itself!

Panther Protocol also has its own token called ‘Panther Token’, which is a privacy-preserving gas token that provides privileges to holders like participating in Panther governance and voting on Panther Improvement Proposals (PIPs)

‘Head-To-Toe’ Protection

This platform also offers a ‘Panther Wallet,’ which is integrated with browser-based self-custodial features and comes with highly secured keys and stealth addresses.

While ‘Panther Vaults’ acts as self-custodial and highly secured smart contracts which are designed to increase the trust rates between two parties and fast-track their transactions.

These privacy-centered features are very crucial in a time where cyber risks are increasing every day.

With large assets that are now kept in the digital space, high-level protection isn’t just an option but a necessity for everybody.

Massive risks deserve bold and aggressive protection.

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