‘Paper Mario: The Origami King’, what critics have to say

Ghost of Tsushima is all the rave in the gaming community now, but there’s one more title that deserves attention. Paper Mario: The Origami King is launching tomorrow as well, and by far, the game has been pretty good.

Like Ghost of Tsushima, the reviews for Paper Mario: The Origami King have been pouring out as well. Surprisingly, critics have generally positive reviews for the game, and some even consider it better than Ghost of Tsushima. Here’s what the critics are commending about Nintendo’s latest entry in the Paper Mario franchise.

RPG mechanics and battle system

The Paper Mario franchise is given a new twist with the game’s new battle system. The grid-based battle system forces players to be on their feet at all times. Solving puzzles for better attacks mean that even the basic encounters feel dynamic. The wildly imaginative boss fights offer a unique change of pace every once in a while as well.

However, the critics understand that the game’s battle system isn’t for everyone. Players might not like having to solve a puzzle each time they get into combat.

Great story, great humor

As expected, Paper Mario: The Origami King features a ton of humor at every possible corner. Fans are already expecting this from the light-hearted RPG franchise. The good thing is that the humor didn’t feel too forced or unnatural. Thanks to the game’s colorful cast of characters, the writing felt all-natural.

While the game doesn’t exactly deliver a full-on unique and engaging story, it does provide an enjoyable and memorable journey as compensation.

Amazing art direction

The game features a unique art style that has been synonymous with the franchise already. Somehow, Nintendo made the game’s paper art style look better on the Switch. Fans of the franchise are certainly going to appreciate the direction Nintendo took in this regard.

The art style is partnered well with a light and addictive sound direction that perfectly encapsulates the theme of the game. Overall, the game is an amazing sensory experience that players on the Switch are going to enjoy.

Paper Mario: The Origami King launches for the Nintendo Switch tomorrow. The game isn’t a typically Super Mario game, as there are a lot of RPG elements introduced in this title. So far, reviews have been good, but we’ll let the players decide whether or not this is an amazing entry.

Image used courtesy of Nintendo/YouTube

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