Paradox Interactive acquires ‘Surviving the Aftermath’ dev

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Paradox Interactive is getting another studio, and this time it’s a big one. Paradox now has Iceflake Studios, the Finland-based devs of Surviving the Aftermath.

Iceflake Studios started in 2007 and developed a ton of games for different platforms. Paradox Interactive was the studio’s publisher for Surviving the Aftermath. Iceflake is now a part of an ever-growing portfolio of studios for the company.

Paradox had a busy year with two new studios

2020 has been a busy year for Paradox, adding new studios to their roster. Only a fortnight ago, the company added Playrion Game Studio to their list. Playrion is the dev team behind the super successful mobile game Airlines Manager 2020.


The move to get Playrion reinforces Paradox’s new mantra of moving to mobile. The company also announced its new Spanish first-party studio called Paradox Tinto. Their Barcelona-based studio is under the leadership of Johan Andersson.

The Surviving franchise did not start with Iceflake Studios. The original dev team for the first Surviving Mars was from Haemimont Games. Even then, Haemimont did not come back for the sequel, which is curious.

Surviving the Aftermath works around the same general concept as Surviving Mars. The only difference for the game is the locale, with the post-apocalypse instead. The game also comes with nearly similar loops, from resource management and scavenging.

“When we started our discussion with Paradox, we knew that we had a very like-minded approach,” said Lasse Liljedahl, Iceflake’s studio manager and co-founder in a press release. “Our collaboration with Surviving the Aftermath has been excellent and showed how similar our approach to development is. So when Paradox suggested that we could become part of the family, we were thrilled.”

“It did not hurt that we were fans of Paradox games ourselves, to begin with! This new step helps us to focus on our dream of becoming one of the best developers in the game genres we love so much.”

Paradox now has nine studios under its umbrella

Paradox Interactive is fast expanding on its portfolio, now with nine studios in its roster. These include internal studios like Paradox Dev in Stockholm and Paradox Arctic in Umea. There’s also the Paradox dev team in Malmo, Sweden.

Paradox Tectonic is in Berkeley, while Paradox Tinto is in Barcelona. The company now has four “third-party” studios in its roster, including Iceflake. The others include Triumph in the Netherlands, Harebrained Schemes in Seattle, and Playrion in Paris.

Paradox Interactive is among the fastest-growing indie dev studios this year. Furthermore, the company will likely have more growth in store for the months to come.

Images courtesy of Paradox Interactive/Youtube Screenshot

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