Paradox Tinto becomes new branch of Paradox Interactive in Spain


Paradox Interactive is expanding to Spain, opening their brand new Paradox Tinto branch in Barcelona. The team will focus on their classic grand strategy video game Europa Universalis.

Paradox Tinto will handle Europa Universalis, taking the control away from the Paradox Development Studio. Even then, the Tinto team will eventually move on with other grand strategy games.

Tinto studio will focus on grand strategy games

Over the past few years, Paradox started to gain steam with its string of successful games. The publisher’s portfolio is full of successful games, both from their dev teams and the titles they acquired.


These games include Prison Architect, Crusader Kings, Surviving Mars, and much more. Their lineup of grand strategy and 4x games are among the best the industry has to offer.

The publisher is also busy acquiring more IPs under its umbrella. The most recent acquisition, the team has to include Triumph Studio and Harebrained Schemes. These teams are in charge of Age of Wonders and Battletech, respectively.

Johan Andersson, the designer of Europa Universalis and creative director of PDS, will head the Tinto branch. Andersson is a rockstar in grand strategy wargame circles with his design work.

“I am excited and grateful for this opportunity to build up a new studio in a new location, putting the knowledge accumulated through the decades of building games and development studios into good use,” said Andersson. “My goal is to assemble a team and create a fully functional studio to keep on developing the Europa Universalis brand, and later design and develop new grand strategy games.”

No hints yet what titles will go under development in Tinto branch

There are no hints as of yet on what will be the new grand strategy games that will come from Paradox Tinto. With all the accumulated knowledge of Paradox over the years, fans can expect more in the coming months.

There is not even a hint if the titles will be brand new or sequels. Paradox Interactive has a ton of IP that have stayed with them over the years. Among their long unused titles including Victoria 2, King Arthur, and much more.

“People love our games and we love the fact that we are growing to create more for them, we’re particularly pleased to expand for the first time with a new studio focusing on the core game genre we’re famous for: grand strategy,” said Charlotta Nilsson, COO of Paradox Interactive.

Paradox Tinto will be a welcome addition to the growing studios for the company. Fans only need to wait now until a new title comes out for the brand new team.

Images courtesy of Paradox Interactive, Youtube Screenshots

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