‘Parasite’ star Park So Dam tests negative for COVID-19

Just a day after being tested for COVID-19, Parasite and Record of Youth star, Park So Dam is revealed to be negative for coronavirus.

A revelation shocked Park So Dam’s agency on December 5 that one of its staff tested positive for COVID-19 the day before.

With this, Park So Dam was fast to respond and immediately tested the morning of December 5. Fortunately, the prolific actress on December 6 came out to be negative.

A shock in “Grandpa Henri and I” set

Since December 3, Park So Dam had been appearing in the play titled Grandpa Henri and I. A statement was released on December 5 by the play’s production company, The Park Company.

The statement shared that a staff member visited the play’s venue on the afternoon of December 3. The said visit was for a meeting with Park So Dam.

The company expressed that they did not expect anyone to be further infected as they strictly followed and maintained preventative measures within the venue. However, they decided to stop the show for a while as a preemptive prevention measure.

The Park Company continued that they feel almost apologetic to the audience who are anticipating the show.

They are also sorry for the fans who went through the trouble of repurchasing tickets. This is due to the sudden changes in the guidelines.

Furthermore, the company asked for the fans’ understanding since they have no hold on the situation. Also, it is a preemptive measure of prevention for everyone’s safety.

“The Grandpa Henri and I team will be preparing and look forward to the day we can meet the audience in good health,” added the agency.

The theater play “Grandpa Henri And I”

Park So Dam stars in the play Grandpa Henry and I together with Yuri and Chae Soo Bin. The theater play is the Korean version of the 2012 French play L’étudiante et Monsieur Henri by Ivan Calbérac.

With the actor’s alternating performances, the Korean theatrical shows typically cast more than one actor for the same role.

Per KdramastarsGrandpa Henry and I is a play that happily portrays the process of becoming special to each other.

The story revolves between the stubborn grandfather of Henri and the college student, Constance.

Park So Dam, Yuri, and Chae Soo Bin were all cast to play one character, which is the lead role as Constance. The said character is a college student wandering in search of her dream.


Image courtesy of W Magazine/YouTube Screenshot

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