Paris Hilton reveals the reason for turning down ‘The Hills’ reboot

Paris Hilton appeared on the show Watch What Happens Live and revealed why she does not want to be a part of The Hills reboot.

The reality TV star and socialite revealed to Andy Cohen on the recent episode of Watch What Happens Live on why she declined the offer to be on The Hills reboot.

Reason for declining the offer

Paris Hilton is known for always giving her honest opinion on stories related to rumors and pop culture history. As per a report by E Online, Paris Hilton stated, “Let’s just say, it was not so hot.”

While talking to host Andy Cohen, she was also honest about her decision not to be a part of the MTV reality series’s latest reboot, The Hills. The reality star was joined by Today show host Jenna Bush Hager.

Adding on to it, Paris said that she’s said no to them a ton of times. Both the times when she was approached for the show, her answer was in the negative. Host Andy Cohen further questioned her if she gets a lot of reality show offers to which Hilton agreed and said that it indeed is very accurate.

Paris explained that she gets a call each day from various people pitching different shows to her, and she always says “no” to each one of them. The reason being is her entire focus diverted towards her business. Andy asked her if she was ever keen on signing one of these shows, and her answer remained a firm no, stating that she just does not have time for reality TV.

That may come as a surprise considering Paris and her old best friend Nicole Richie popularized the reality TV trend with their 2000s show, The Simple Life.

Paris Hilton’s documentary

Paris Hilton, often called the ‘original influencer,’ has made a documentary on her life called This is Paris, currently on YouTube. The documentary covers various aspects of her life, starting from her rise to fame or the childhood trauma she faced in a boarding school where she was physically and emotionally abused.

Hilton is not prepared to be so candid in the documentary. Shooting for the documentary at all was a surprising move, mainly since she did not serve as a producer on the film.

There were many similar offers made to her before this one came along, and director Alexandra Dean and the production team had to do quite a lot to convince her.

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