Paris Hilton ‘still married’ to Piers Morgan?

paris hilton

Nobody even knew that Paris Hilton is or was married.

There have been a few engagements, but it never really made it to the news that Paris Hilton got married.

Which is why it comes as a shock that Good Morning Britain host Piers Morgan revealed that he is “still technically married” to the hotel heiress.

Paris Hilton ‘tied the knot’

In 2009, the blonde beauty was 28, “married” a British man 16 years her senior.

The wedding ceremony was in Las Vegas, and it was complete with an Elvis Presley impersonator, Marilyn Monroe lookalike, and a couple of Rat Pack mimics.

Paris wore an ivory dress and received a diamond-encrusted ring from Piers.

Joking of his Sin City wedding, Piers told the Daily Mail, “You know what it’s like – you have a few drinks, spend too long on the blackjack table, get over-excited and decide to do something silly.”

He added, “I have to say, Paris scrubbed up to be a beautiful bride. It was magical.”

However, the pair “tying the knot” was part of a TV series to show how easy it was.

Too far?

During that 15-minute wedding service, Piers Morgan, reportedly, feared that perhaps it might have gotten too far.

He told the outlet at that time, “Well, I don’t think I signed anything, so I’m pretty sure it’s not actually legal.”

“Having said that, we did go through all the vows, so I can’t be entirely sure,” he added.

A reminder

Since it has already been years ago when it happened, perhaps Piers Morgan thought now is the perfect time to remind gossip writer and Paris Hilton’s good friend, Perez Hilton, of their “long-forgotten” nuptials.

Explaining the incident at Tuesday’s episode of Good Morning Britain to his co-host Susanna Reid and Perez, Piers explained, “She’s still my wife technically. We got married in Vegas for a TV show. True story. There’s a video of it.”

“My actual wife was a little bit bemused,” Piers added, referencing his wife Celia Walden, whom he married in 2010.

Susanna then asked him if he’s a “bigamist.”

Piers replied, “Its cost is $300, and it was all over it 15 minutes. That’s my kind of romance.”

What Paris is up to now

Paris Hilton recently ditched her dumb blonde image and showed the real her in a recent YouTube documentary called This is Paris.

While promoting her documentary to 7News, the 39-year-old explained, “This entire time I have been playing a character, so the world has never truly known who I am.”

Paris added, “I feel it’s time for the world to finally know how I was. I feel that I’ve been through so much.”

Image courtesy of Paris Hilton/YouTube/Screenshot

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