Paris Hilton to take down Provo Canyon

Pop-fashion icon Paris Hilton is gearing up to bring down Utah Boarding School.

Paris Hilton is on a mission to change the handling of troubled teenagers. The 39-year-old Socialite started a change organization petition to close the boarding school where she once went.

The petition started on September 30 (Wednesday) and currently thousands of signatures on it. Paris further took to Twitter to encourage the affected individuals.

Before forming the concerned organization, Paris detailed her experiences in the institution on a SiriusXM radio show hosted by Andy Cohen. She also released a video titled SHUT DOWN PROVO CANYON SCHOOL on September 28 (Monday) through her YouTube channel. The video gave an animated glimpse of the school’s practices and conditions behind its closed doors.

Rise to fame and a new documentary

Paris rose to fame through her modeling career. Her most significant move breakthrough is through The House of Wax in 2005. Since then, she has landed cameo roles in films like Zoolander and Wonderland. In 2004, Paris starred in a reality television show called Simple Life alongside Nichole Richie.

Besides being an actress, Paris authored a book based on her life titled Confessions of an Heiress: A Tongue-in-Chic Peek Behind the Pose. It went to be the New York Times‘ best-selling book.

For the time being, the reality star publicized her personal and in-depth life story through her newly-released documentary: This is Paris. In the documentary, she claimed that the boarding school traumatized her daily. She further stated that the staff was abusive and had chemically sedated her and others.

Furthermore, Paris said that her time in the said boarding school developed anxiety and trust issues within her. In a statement released regarding the petition, Paris described:

“The documentary allowed the movement to gain a lot of momentum and I feel it is urgent we capitalize on that. I am working with survivors and advocacy organizations to educate communities, support survivors, and work to enact federal reform.”

Troubled past and trips to treatment facilities

The Hilton Hotels‘ heiress was sent to the Utah treatment center as a teenager, leading for her parents in choosing the boarding school in Utah as the last result. Paris spent 11 months in the facility following her troubled behavior and multiple attempts to sneaking out to go to parties.

Universal Health Services, which now owns Provo Canyon School, has declined all the accusations related to the miss-treatments and abusive environment prevailing in the institution. Thee firm stated their concern about the negative impact the media might bring upon to the people seeking help towards behavioral issues.

Image courtesy of Adam Ziaja/Shutterstock

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