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Paris Jackson demanding DNA test to determine if she’s Elizabeth Taylor’s daughter: Rumor


Paris Jackson, allegedly, wants a DNA test to know if the rumors stating she is Elizabeth Taylor’s secret daughter is true or not. The famous actress was one of her godmothers, and she was incredibly close to Michael Jackson too.

That talks that Paris Jackson not being Debbie Rowe’s child with MJ but Taylor’s, have been going on for a while now.

This was mainly because of the superstar singer’s very intense relationship with the actress. Their strong bond is not ordinary that people think they were more than friends.

Paris wants DNA testing for the truth to come out finally

As per the New Idea, the 22-year-old model and musician wants to know if Elizabeth Taylor is her real mother, so she wants the maternity test.

“Paris was always fond of her godmother, Elizabeth Taylor,” a family friend supposedly told the magazine. “The older she gets, the more she thinks she looks like Liz.”

The tipster further said that Taylor was already 60 years old when Paris Jackson was born. It was suggested that Michael Jackson might have wanted more children with her as he, allegedly, begged her to freeze her eggs.

Paris Jackson was greatly inspired by Elizabeth Taylor

Her godmother influenced Paris, and this showed in her good works. In 2017, she also announced that she would be the new ambassador of the Elizabeth Taylor AIDS Foundation.

When she was asked what does it mean to her to be her godmother’s foundation’s representative, she expressed her admiration for her work and as a person. Taylor’s influence on Paris also showed in MJ’s daughter’s words.

“I’m ecstatic to be an ambassador for my godmother,” she told In Style. “She was a real badass, and I admire what she’s created. I think it’s beautiful.”

She added, “I want to carry my dedication to eradicating AIDS with me throughout my entire career. I’m just starting out, still green and learning a lot but I know that if I get bigger, my voice gets bigger and the more people will listen to me.”

Refuting the rumor on Paris’s real mom

Gossip Cop sets out to find the truth about this story. Did Paris Jackson request a DNA test to know is Elizabeth Taylor is her real mother?

Gossip Cop learned that there is no truth in this rumor. The publication also mentioned that Paris looks exactly like her mom Debbie Rowe and there’s no doubt they are mother and daughter.

Rowe also has numerous photos when she was pregnant with Paris Jackson. The claim that Taylor is her mother is just one of those wild stories without basis.

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