Paris Jackson reveals trauma she suffered from paparazzi

Paris Jackson

Paris Jackson shared a part of her life with the public as she spoke about her long-term anxiety and trauma as a celebrity.

Michael Jackson’s daughter Paris Jackson also enjoys the popularity her father won when he was alive. Despite the glory and perks of being famous, Paris, reportedly, gained emotional and mental trauma as a child due to the paparazzi.

Speaking on Red Table Talk, the 23-year-old model recalled her childhood trauma as she grew up with media glare. Per Paris, she seemingly suffered from the standard Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD).

“I experience auditory hallucinations sometimes with camera clicks and severe paranoia and have been going to therapy for a lot of things but that included,” she said. “I’ll hear a trash bag rustling and Rinch in panic.”

She solely shared her experience with Willow Smith, who has also been a target of paparazzi.

During the Wednesday show’s introduction, Willow recalled how she met Paris on the set of “Hawthorne.” Her mother, Jada Pinkett Smith, spearheads the TV show.

Apart from being victims of the media, the two also have similarities. Both Willow and Paris love music and modeling. They also call to break the stigma surrounding mental health and sexuality, among others.

How Paris Jackson keeps privacy

In the same interview, the model revealed how she is able to keep some privacy despite her rising popularity.

According to Paris, she asks people in her home to sign non-disclosure agreements to ensure the privacy she wants.

In the past years, she, reportedly, depended on her brothers, Prince and Prince Michael II, and Omer Bhatti. She seeks their advice amid the tension with some of her family members about her sexuality.

She added that the three have been super-supported of her. In fact, Prince Jackson joined a club in high school that supports and unites LGBTQ+ members.

“Not a lot of people can say they have siblings that support them like that,” she went on.

The new interview came after Paris and her then-boyfriend released a documentary series in 2020. The Facebook Watch docuseries Unfiltered shared a glimpse of her private life.

Through the flick, Paris disclosed her self-harm and suicide attempts. She also shared how music helped her to get away from the pain. In November of that year, she released her debut solo album Wilted.

Paris and her family surely went through a lot after Michael Jackson died. In the past years, issues about the King of Pop started to emerge again.

Featured image courtesy of paris jackson’s official YouTube Channel

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