Park Hyun Ho was outcast in Topp Dogg? Sanggyun’s agency denies allegations

Formerly promoted with Topp Dogg, Park Hyun Ho, under the stage name Seogoong shared about feeling rejected within the group.

The agency of the former fellow member of Park Hyun Ho, Sanggyun, issued a statement that denied his allegations.

Recently, Park Hyun Ho talked about his previous and current career in an interview. The recording was then uploaded to the YouTube channel of Idol Olympics. However, the video is no longer available on the track.

Park Hyun Ho: “I have no good relationship with the members”

Park Hyun Ho debuted in 2013, with ToppDogg having 13 members. The group goes by the name XENO-T now, with him leaving the group in January 2015.

He re-debuted as a soloist under the name I’M after performing as a musical director. Meanwhile, he is currently on the KBS show for trot singers, Trot National Championships.

Park Hyun Ho shared a vast revelation in the video when asked if he has fun memories promoting with Topp Dogg.

He answered that he felt like achieving a dream because of the many fun parts, and it was a foothold at the beginning of his vision.

He even shared that it would be good if there were just happy things. However, he thought the right relationship with the members was not that good.

Park Hyun Ho also said that the problem started from a parental perspective, which made him ostracize among the members. He added that they naturally grew farther and farther apart.

The idol also shared about his experiences during promotions. He shared that he was alone during the Anniversary album’s title track recording and music video shoot. Being separated from others upset him.

Hope for a reunion

Nowadays, their relationship is getting better to the point that they could ask each other how they are doing and invite them to make music. The singer also would like to get Topp Dogg back together potentially.

Star Road Entertainment, the agency of the former member of Topp Dogg, JBJ95’s Sanggyun, released a statement.

The official statement is regarding the content related to the video uploaded on a particular YouTube channel circulating the social media and online communities.

They took measures like conducting a detailed check starting with the period mentioned in the YouTube video.

The agency found out that the truth is entirely different from what was in the video. They officially request the YouTube channel to erase the uploaded video.

Their agency plans to make a strong response in the future to protect their artist’s rights and interests regarding the dissemination of false information.


Image courtesy of ZEVO SHOWBIZ/YouTube Screenshot

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