Park Soo Young gears up for her upcoming role

Park Soo Young participated in a pictorial and interview with star1 magazine as she talks about changing her career path and name.

After graduating from After School back in 2018, Soo Young changes her name from Lizzy to Park Soo Ah. After then, she decided to change her name back to her birth name, Park Soo Young.

Going back to her birth name

She went to explain her decision to use her birth name. Soo Young stated that since she has changed courses and promoting as an actress, she wanted to show her natural self how she is as a person.

Starting with a new budding acting career, she commented that she could absorb everything like a sponge. In the upcoming days, she will be showing the different sides of herself as the actress Park Soo Young.

The dedication for the upcoming role

Soo Young also revealed that she is currently working hard in learning martial arts for her upcoming role. She had been hoping to be part of a massive project before she ends her twenties.

Fortunately, the opportunity came for her to be part of a martial arts related project for her upcoming role.

She spends at least three hours a day for her practice. Soo Young added that she is working double effort at training her gun and sword fighting skills.

Sometimes she wishes that she will have more physical stamina to allow her to practice even more.

Park Soo Young is excited to show her fans the changes, and they would be able to see the new side of her soon.

Park Soo Young keeping a healthy lifestyle

Lastly, according to the Korean reckoning, Soo Young is preparing for her birthday, turning 30 years old next year.

She is trying to keep up a healthy lifestyle where she avoids alcohol and making sure that she consistently read the newspaper.


Image courtesy of 뉴스엔·NewsenTV·KOREA Entertainment news/YouTube Screenshot

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