Parler social media app fully removed after Pro-Trump riots

Parler, popular among Trump supporters, is now entirely removed from the internet in the wake of the US Capitol riots last week.

According to The Independent, the Parler app is now completely vanished from the internet, following the US Capitol riots. Google Play store removed it recently, after which Apple’s App Store did the same. Moreover, Amazon, which provided the tools to run the app, has also removed all its support.

After Amazon’s announcement and deadline, there was no sign of the social media service online.

Parler: Why did it face the wrath?

Visitors are currently seeing error messages as Amazon’s AWS division removed its support for the service. And thus, it can’t run like it used to, previously. Before the removal, chief executive John Matze also informed the users that it would be down for a longer period.

Apart from Amazon, vendors like Google and Apple also took Parler out from their stores. And people can no longer download and use it either.

When it comes to why it faced such wrath, then the answer is pretty simple. The app was heavily seen as a far-right social network due to many Trump supporters being its users.

It can be clearly understood from Amazon’s explanation after it removed the social media platform’s support. In its notice, the company wrote:

“AWS provides technology and services to customers across the political spectrum, and we continue to respect Parler’s right to determine for itself what content it will allow on its site.”

It clearly mentioned that they couldn’t support such a platform, which isn’t effective enough in finding content that incites violence. And also found nearly 100 examples of posts, including violent threats.

Since January 11th, it has stopped working across the internet.

However, even after a big shutdown scenario, the app’s CEO said that such action is not justified. He also said that it’s a “coordinated attack by the tech giants to kill competition in the marketplace.”

Donald Trump was removed from social media platforms

Meanwhile, President Donald Trump is also facing a big ban from major social networking portals. It includes Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram. He’s been entirely removed from these platforms. Currently, he’s not having any control over his official accounts.

All these social media services gave the reason that it’s not right, in the current situation, to give Mr. Trump access to his profiles. Because then he might influence users in creating many unwanted scenarios, similar to the US Capitol riots.

After returning to the Parler app’s shutdown, its users will now have to find some other alternative.


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