‘Path Of Exile: Harvest’ makes for an official latest expansion to POE

Path Of Exile: Harvest Official Logo

The highly acclaimed top-down action-role-playing-game by Grinding Gear Games is getting a new expansion in the form of Path Of Exile: Harvest, which introduces a slew of new and exciting features to the game.

In Harvest, players get to take on the role of a ‘farmer’ which, instead of planting crops, does so with monster seeds. The goal is to raise monsters from their original seed state, only to kill them and extract their essences.

Plant, Kill, Extract, Repeat

Seeds, in general, come in different varieties. But as a rule of the thumb, the rarer and more potent the seeds are, the stronger the monsters they spawn.

Muster the deepest secrets in this mechanics, and you might encounter the primordial beasts that are exclusive in the expansion. They include Namharim, Janaar, and Ersi, which are the ‘legendary beasts’ in the expansion.

However, it takes only the rarest and most potent breed of seeds to make any of these monsters come to life. Players would do their best to learn the secrets of seed breeding in order to meet the aforementioned monsters. Primarily, for the unique essence, they carry.

Extracted essences also play center stage in the game, which acts as a catalyst to construct strong items. As not all essences are the same, players can, therefore, gather multiple variants of the thing. Thusly, harvesting multiple essences grants the player the ability to forge more unique and powerful things.

For example, one essence gives the player the ability to create a Caster modifier, which improves casting ability. Whereas another allows for a Physical modifier that grants the player enhanced physical capacity.

Yet, there are still a myriad of items to build that significantly deviate the Harvest players if taken advantage of.

Some Needed System Overhaul

Making for another aspect of improvement to Path Of Exile is the massive tweak in weapons and skills. Not only are Two-handed Weapons stronger in Harvest, but they also exhibit better animation style, too.

Warcries also make for a notable change in the expansion as well, with its effects now scaling with enemies. When used in the right condition, this skill makes for a boon in strengthening the player during combat.

Then, there is also the Passive Skill Tree that sees a further expansion in its already expansive setting. It pertains to the addition of fresh passive skills, numerical buffs, as well as keystone passives.

Lastly, the game will also mark an improvement over its stability and performance, giving players a smoother experience than before.

Path Of Exile: Harvest will arrive on PC on June 19, 2020, and will follow console releases on June 24, 2020.

Image used courtesy of Path of Exile/YouTube Screenshot

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