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Patty Jenkins reveals she had few obstacles shooting ‘WW84’


Wonder Woman 1984 director Patty Jenkins just revealed that she faced several doubts from the side of Warner Bros. while shooting the film.

According to Comicbook, Patty Jenkins recently spoke to Trial of the Chicago 7’s Aaron Sorkin for Variety. In the interaction, the WW84 director said that her studio, Warner Bros., had some doubts while she was in the middle of film production.

She clearly expressed her disagreement for making changes in between a movie’s shooting. And that too, if its script is not ready. For example, Avengers: Endgame did see such improvisations and changes, even when it was very close to its worldwide release.

Patty Jenkins and her style of filmmaking

Speaking on this issue, Jenkins said that while shooting the Gal Gadot starrer, she faced several doubts from the studio heads. In other words, she doesn’t like it when they interrupt in the middle of a film’s production before its completion.

She said that there’s always a vision in her head as she moves forwards with the script. She indirectly mentioned other studios that add script later and try to proceed with the making first.

Adding to that, she said that the hardest challenge was keeping the map in your head and not losing faith. She doesn’t get how other people do it when things are changing so much.

“I don’t know how you could keep track of it.”

“I’m not a believer in studios doing it.”

Adding further, she mentioned that it’s important for her to first get ready with everything. Then she likes to gradually move forward until she’s done directing her project in her own manner.

She also said that being a complicated film as it was, Warner Bros. used to interrupt the making of the project because it wasn’t finished.

“I was like, ‘You can’t judge it yet. We don’t have the effects. So it looks stupid now, but you have to wait.'”

“Wonder Woman 1984” is certified fresh!

It seems like the WW84 director is totally right in her words because her 2017 blockbuster’s sequel has begun impressing the critics already! Recently, the Rotten Tomatoes website revealed that the latest DC superhero film is “certified fresh” on its Tomatometer.

Currently, the Patty Jenkins directorial has a very positive rating of 89 percent on the review portal (as of this writing time). It’ll be interesting to see how great it can do at the box-office and its home studio’s streaming platform. The COVID-19 effect and all the limitations and restrictions will surely hamper its performance.

The DCEU title hits theaters and HBO Max on Christmas next week.

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