Pau Gasol wants to be a Laker again, epic retirement underway


Pau Gasol wants to be a Laker for his last playing year, provided that his health is back in playing shape.

The three months that the NBA took off was either a blessing or a curse for the NBA teams. Three months is quite a long period for a rehabilitating player to return to shape. On the other hand, three months is also quite a long period to lose momentum in playing the game.

Many experts are saying that whoever wins this year’s championship will always have an asterisk to their trophy. Nevertheless, the ultimate dream of being an NBA champion is still on the target for many. However, one player has a different goal for his career.

Pau Gasol wants to be a Laker again

Two-time NBA champion, Pau Gasol wants to be a Laker again. His run with the Lakers was a memorable one when he suited up alongside the late Kobe Bryant. He was part of the twin tower with Andrew Bynum and was anchored by the leadership of Kobe

His run with the Lakers has an extremely memorable meaning for him that he wants to end his playing career with the team. He said in an interview that he either wants to play for the Lakers or FC Barcelona. However, the major concern will be his health.

Foot injury recovery

The Spanish center has been sidelined for almost a year and a half since his foot injury. He has bounced among three teams for the past two seasons and was just recently waived by the Portland Trailblazers.

While referring to the extended rest, he said,

“I’m feeling good. I’ve had more time to recover. When I can start running and jumping I will have a lot more information to know for sure if the foot and the bone are consolidated for me to be playing professional basketball again.”

As soon as he was waived by the Trailblazers, Gasol committed to his fans he is not retiring. He said,

“I have the same excitement and passion for the game of basketball that I had when I first started playing… and I will work as hard as I can on my recovery with a clear goal in mind: to get healthy in order to play the game that I love.”

Having Gasol in the purple and gold jersey will be a welcome sight for many fans. Seeing him win one more ring alongside the power duo in the Lakers will be a fitting tribute for Kobe Bryant.

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