Paul George awakening, key to winning first round

Paul George awakening, key to winning first round

Paul George is not himself now, and he has to wake up in order for the Clippers to survive the momentum built by the Dallas Mavericks.

Yesterday showed one of the best game-winning buzzer-beater shots delivered by Luka Doncic. It was heartbreaking to see the Los Angeles Clippers roster walk back to their lockerroom downtrodden. However, they have the key to winning. He just has to wake up from his slumber now that they are being pushed to the limits.

Paul George has, so far, been mediocre. Marcus Morris is performing even better than Kawhi Leonard’s supposed Robin. Everyone in the team knows that one way or another, Paul George has to snap out of his head. Otherwise, they may be forced into a must-win situation.

What is wrong with Paul George?

Paul George is playing Janus in the bubble. Early during the scrimmage and seeding games, George looked like he was ready to go into the Playoffs war. Now, he’s as if forgotten how to shoot. After the first game, the low-shooting bug hit George. He’s only shooting 21% overall and a dismal 16% from the three-point line.

It’s a travesty, to say the least. George knows this; that’s why he said that if only shot the ball better, this would have been a totally different series. Nevertheless, they are where they are because of him. Kawhi Leonard has been playing MVP-style of basketball, but George is not living up to the expectation.

JaMychal Green who has been a key-rotation player in the roster said,

“We just keep trying to tell [George] to get out of his head, try to block out the social media, the fans, and just get back to playing ball. We need him to get back to the high-level basketball he’s capable of playing, and I feel like he’s just in his head.”

The Clippers are also not themselves

The matchup between the Mavs and the Clippers is an unusual one. The latter is expected to win it all this year, but they aren’t looking the part. It is largely due to its team disposition.

They know much is expected of them, but they haven’t been locked in. This reality can be seen from Game 4’s problem when they gave up a huge lead going into the fourth quarter.

Landry Shamet admits that they aren’t themselves. It’s worse because Doc Rivers knows this too. He said that the entire Clippers team seems ‘unattached’ to the game right now.

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