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Paytm-Google spat: Paytm calls Google of having double standard


Since the time Google Play Store deleted and then re-introduced the Paytm app over Paytm’s fantasy games policies, Google has been under constant criticism from Paytm. This time Paytm calls Google out for having “double standards.”

Paytm, a fintech firm, has heavily criticized Google for its policies regarding fantasy games. With the criticism, Paytm also announced the return of its flagship Paytm First Games on the Play Store app.

It said that tech giant Google does not allow companies to use its real money app to be promoted on google play, but the same can be promoted by paying a hefty amount to Google via YouTube.

“To put it simply, the Play Store will ban the Paytm app or the Paytm First Games app if we promote our pro app. But it will freely allow YouTube to promote our free app, for a fee.”

“If the Paytm app promoted Paytm First Games, then the Paytm app would also be violating their ‘policies.’ But when YouTube promotes the same Paytm First pro app (for a hefty advertising fee), then it is not a violation of such ‘policies’ and suddenly does not create a risk to the customers,” the Indian company said.

Paytm First Games returns

On Oct. 6, Paytm First Games returned to the Play Store. Currently, it has enlisted only real money games that players can play on Paytm first. However, the app does not allow the to make monetary transactions in cash in and cash out. This is mostly because fantasy games are banned as per the Play Store policies.

The tussle between Indian startups and Google

The spat between Google and Paytm started when Google, the tech giant, banned PayTm from its Play Store app temporarily on Sept. 18. By evening, Google restored Paytm in its Play Store platform. But this has led to rising angst from the Indian startups against the policies of Google.

The brawl was heated when Google announced that it is giving Indian startups a deadline of September 30, 2021, to comply with its Play Billing policies. As per these policies, companies will be paying Google a 30% commission on sales through the Play Store.

This did not go down well with the Indian startups. Further, with rising pressure, Google had to extend the initially proposed deadline by six months.

Google said that they are arranging a meeting with the Indian startups and developers to “understand their concerns” and their policies.

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