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PC modders give ‘Trials of Mana’ nudity treatment


Recently released for modern platforms, including PC, Square Enix’s Trials of Mana gets ‘nude mod’ from the modding community, rendering its female characters bare for players to see.

Trials of Mana is the third entry in the Mana series and is a remake of the original 2D RPG title.

Wholesome Yet Isn’t

A wholesome game through and through, much to it being a family-friendly game. However, the 3D remake is not free from the quirk of the modding community. But is also hardly surprising considering that it is for PC, which is home to modders of all kinds.

Subject to the mod’s nudity are the main characters, Angela and Riesz. Interestingly, both are female protagonists. In addition, none of their male counterparts received similar modding treatment.

Ruthless in its approach to presenting nakedness is the said mod’s completely uncensored nature. This means that both characters’ body is revealed without drapes in their entirely—sensitive parts and all.

An Exclusive PC Mod

Currently, the mod is exclusive only to the Steam version of the game.

PlayStation 4 and Switch players are, therefore, exclusive to the worldly sight of the modification.

Conspicuously a topic aimed for adults, the mod does contain sensitivities that are not inherent for a family-friendly RPG game.

Looking into the mod itself, it seems that the modder is especially crafty with his skill. Whether done by merely stripping clothes and revealing the original asset underneath, the output is nonetheless convincing as far as aesthetics.

Nudity mods are not entirely a new thing on PC. There had been other titles who received a similar treatment, all with the purpose of showcasing creativity or catering to the adult audience.

Games with an ostensive sexual theme often being the subject of the asset tinkering, even if not technically porn games.

Amazing But Imperfect

Although the current mod did a terrific job at displaying feminine beauty at their most natural in-game, it’s not comprehensive. The mod is also lacking something specific that is already seen, such as the ‘jiggle physics.’

But not to disappoint audiences of such expectation, it seems someone else is already in the works in bringing it into the game. If done right, the mod will not only demonstrate bare feminine beauty but also the physics revolving it.

Without argument, this is indeed a mod for adults and never for the younger audiences.

Due to the sensitivity of the content, no link directing to the material will be shown.

Image used courtesy of Marco Verch/Flickr

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